The main purpose of the waterworks Liptovská Mara – Bešeňová is in the management of water for irrigation in the lower Váh, in the use of hydropower for electricity generation, in improving water purity in the flow, supplying water for industry, increasing flood protection, fish farming and also recreational and sporting purposes. It also permanently ensures and directs water management in the Váh river basin and by suitable cooperation of the Liptovská Mara and Orava reservoirs it improves runoff conditions to Váh in summer, but especially in winter.
Construction of dams Liptovská Mara – VS Bešeňová began in 1965 intensive geological survey, which, together with the preparatory work lasted until the end of 1969. From January 1970 began its own construction of the dam Lipt. Mara – Bešeňová, which was completed at the end of 1977. But already 1.5.1975 was reached the minimum operating level, which allowed to start its operation.
The dam of Liptovska Mara is 1,225 m long, 45 m high above the river bottom and a width of 7 meters. The total dam volume is 3,970,000 m³, covering an area of ​​21.68 km², a length of about 7.5 km, an average width of 2.5 km and a maximum volume of 361.9 million m³ of water. Maximum depth: approx. 46 -48 m, depending on water level.
VS Bešeňová is dam dams water and creates a reservoir, which serves as a buffer reservoir of the Liptovska Mara peak water power plant. The dam is 1,340 m long and 12 m high above the bottom of the river Váh. It has a total volume of 10.73 mil. m³ of water.


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