Water Structure Nosice – Dam of Youth is a magnificent waterworks, built in the 1950s as part of the post-war industrialization of Slovakia as part of the so-called post-war industrialization. Vazske cascade.
Nosická dam on the border of Púchov and Považská Bystrica districts is the oldest dam on the Váh. Its construction began in 1949, but it was not completed until 1958. The reason was the discovery of medicinal water, for which they had to interrupt the construction, had to change the construction technology and building materials.
According to it, the construction of the dam proved to be justified in 1960, two years after the operation started. Thousands of years of water in the dam is a flow of less than 3000 cubic meters per second. If the water work did not stand, the flood would probably have swept Púchov and other villages around Váh.
More than 55,000 volunteers participated in the construction, and the construction also required the displacement of part of the flooded area. Today, the dam completes the landscape around the meanders of the original Váh riverbed between Považská Bystrica and Nosice.
During the construction of the work, a mineral spring was also accidentally discovered, around which the Nimnica Spa was built.
The purpose of the water construction is balancing of the Váh flow, protection against floods and production of electricity. The water reservoir covers an area of ​​488 ha and extends from the dam body to the confluence of the canal and the Váh River near Orlové. Today, in addition to economic use, the dam has an important place in the entire ecosystem of the Váh as a refuge for river birds, plants and animals. It serves as an important recreation and recreation zone for athletes, fishermen, cycling and swimming.
The Nosice Hydroelectric Power Station is a part of the so-called. Vazske Cascade, Nosice Water Reservoir covers an area of ​​5.7 square kilometers, the volume of the reservoir after construction was 36 million cubic meters, the maximum depth is 18 meters. The dam is 36 meters high and nearly 500 meters long. By damming Váh, the village Okrut on the right and part of the village Nosice on the left side of Váh were flooded. The inhabitants of Nosice built houses in today’s Púchov district of Nové Nosice, most of the inhabitants of Okrut found a new home in the village of Udiča in the district of Považská Bystrica.
The water work is administered by the Slovak State Water Management Company.


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