The Turček waterworks or water reservoir began to be built in 1992. Its main task is the accumulation and supply of raw water for the Turček water treatment plant, from where it supplies drinking water to the districts of Žiar nad Hronom, Handlová and Prievidza. Its secondary mission is to protect the upper reaches of the Turks from floods, to ensure its ecologically stable flow throughout the year, and to generate electricity in small hydroelectric power stations wherever the work creates slopes and flows with the possibility of their construction.
The reservoir is located at the confluence of the Turiec and Ružový potok brooks above the village of Turček. The total catchment area is 29.5 km2. The average amount of water supplied to the water treatment plant is 15.8 mil. m3. The width of the valley is approximately 120 m and the altitude in the dam is 719 m. n. m. The total tank volume is 10.6 mil. m3, while its stock volume is 9.9 mil. m3. (the tank is filled twice a year) and the fixed volume is 0.3 mil. m3 of water. In the area of ​​the dam are built objects ensuring the functionality of the water tank. The strength of the dam is ensured by its empty wall, which has a height of 59 m and a crown length of 287.6 m.
In addition to the construction of the Turček Water Reservoir, six replacement flats were built in the village for citizens who had to be evicted from their permanent residence as a result of the construction. The system of forest roads in the total length of 5,156 km was rebuilt and the underpass under the railway was modified. Turček Water Reservoir was put into operation on 15 May in 1996.


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