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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is the space we have reserved for your most frequently asked questions. The answers are brief, but we have tried to answer the questions in full.

Why exactly Slovakiatraveling?

Tourism in Slovakia is at the boom stage. Every season in Slovakia comes more tourists from abroad. It is a very significant purchasing power that grows year after year. This site allows you to publish your ad abroad and its greatest benefit is a quick search on the map. It means that the tourists around you will know and find it very easy. Another advantage is the possibility of publishing up to three products and, last but not least, a low price.

Will I be able to update my post on a regular basis?

Yes. Based on your account and after logging in with a username and password that will also be sent to your mailbox, you can continuously edit, add, update, and so on. within the scope of the package you chose when setting up your account. This edit option will be valid until the validity date and fin. payment of your account.

How will I post my product?

Once you've created your account and paid a fee, you'll fill out your form with important information, contact details, locations, photos, and more. depending on the selected package. After sending, verification of the eligibility of your post will be done in the coming days. Subsequently, the administrator authorizes and publishes your contribution publicly on the Slovakiatraveling page.

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