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April 12, 2018
May 10, 2019

Exhibition by Juraj Collinsa from 1907 to 1963, prepared by the civic association
Club of lovers of art on the occasion of the artist’s 111th anniversary
birth at the Saris gallery in Prešov, is a cross-cutting work
author. The set consists of over 100 works from several private ones
collectors mostly from Basket and family of the author. It is an important and fundamental one
The exhibitors’ willingness to share is the presentation of the exhibited set
with the public about the jewels of their collections, without which such exhibitions could not
be realized and the artist’s work is only incomplete.
The prominent Slovak painter Juraj Collins began with several prizes
an award-winning photographer who has been painting since the late 30’s
and, to a lesser extent, drawing. Influenced by the strong tradition of modern day 1 st third.
Century in Košice (mainly by Konstantin Kővári-Kačmarika)
and especially its short, but fine art training in Prague
he gradually became an outstanding pictorial painter
a color palette with a specific interest in a sensitive transcript of its own
civil environments, and intimate intimacy in looking at themes.
An important contribution of the exhibition from the art painting is the presentation
the artist’s photographic production, after the Kosovo Prime Minister in East Slovakia
museum in 2017 presented only for the second time. It is available
representative 100-page catalog.